VIP programs GOLD Four Hands

GOLD Four Hands

    1. The girls will help you take a shower and rub your back. Your body will be covered with foam. It will be quite an unusual feeling for you that you will not experience during your normal showering.
    2. After sensual discharge, you will want to complete muscle relaxation. The beauties will immerse you into nirvana by massaging every part of your tired body from head to toe. They will make a pleasant massage with hot towels for your feet, and then will proceed with an erotic massage and lingam.
    3. Only in this program you are given the opportunity to see a bright erotic show and feel yourself like a king. The girls will bring you to the very peak of pleasures by making a surprise. They will put a mask on your eyes and cover the most sensual parts of your body with French kisses with strawberry. Even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of relaxation will not be left indifferent!
    4. The girls will accompany you in khamam where will massage your shoulders, neck and head.
    5. Then you will go in Jacuzzi with fragrant foam for complete relaxation of all muscle groups that were not unaffected. Erotic show will be continued and you will completely surrender to pleasure and its culmination.
    6. Next, you will be taken into sense by contrasting caresses in the sauna, which will help bringing the body to tone and fill it with health and energy
    7. And finally you all will go together in the shower, where you will take water treatments like a Sultan.

Attention! The programs in our salons may slightly vary. Please call for details.