VIP programs GOLD


If you want to experience some special incomparable sensations, please order a Gold massage at Egoist salons!

What is the procedure?

  • It all starts with a beautiful nymph inviting you to share a shower with her.
  • Then she will give you pleasure in massage by classical technique.
  • Then it’s time for a foot massage with pre-heated towels.
  • Gold massage also includes an erotic show and lingam massage.
  • Then there is a short break for relaxation with hot drinks or hookah.
  • Next both you and your masseuse go to the sauna.
  • After staying in the steam room, the masseuse will caress your body with ice cubes, which will cause special sensations based on the contrast of heated skin and frozen water.
  • To focus on tactile sensations, your face will be covered with a mask. The girl will make you experience an incredible pleasure touching your skin with strawberry and breathing on your body.

Gold is a special massage. You will be impressed!