Massage Nirvana


Experienced masseuses at our salon will help you to relax for real. Ready for new sensations? Nirvana is a suitable massage for your body and soul relaxation after which you will feel the restoration of vitality and body tone. This kind of massage is performed in the best traditions of the Hindu school. During the procedure, you will feel how every cell of your body is betrayed by bliss which is difficult to describe in words.

  • Want to get distracted from all the problems?
  • Suffering from constant stress?
  • Feel chronic fatigue?

Please visit our salon and enjoy Nirvana – a massage that will send you to the world of pleasure for 1.5 hours, and even longer if you order an extension.

Our masseuses know how to make any fantasy true

Lingam massage necessarily goes in tandem with Nirvana erotic massage. Particular attention is also paid to your face and head. A masseuse who knows all the secrets of your body will be able to find previously unknown erogenous zones, stimulation of which will increase pleasure at times.

Massage in Egoist salon is about sensuality and aesthetics! Young girls with hot bodies will make you tremble with desire without a single touch. And soft or, conversely, passionate movements with which they will shower your back, chest, arms, legs, and head, will smoothly lead to the peak of pleasure – a full immersion in Nirvana.

Coming for the first time to our salon, many customers do not know what to expect, and they cannot fully plunge into the process. That is why our beautiful masseuse will do Nirvana erotic massage in a relaxing atmosphere, so that nothing distracts you from immersion in new sensations.

Do you want to get more than others? Order a VIP massage! As a bonus you will receive exclusive caresses from our masseuse. The difference in price is not so great as to deny yourself the extra pleasure.

Please visit Egoist salon to better know your desires and your body, to open a new world of pleasure!