Programs Branded massage in four hands

Branded massage in four hands

A real man is always looking for new facets of what is permissible and does not limit himself to any framework. Are you tired of the routine and traditional services? Try out a truly royal pleasure with the service of our signature massage in 4 hands!

This service, honestly, is simply a "service" to call it difficult ... Because it's a real Paradise, enclosed in our cozy apartments ... And you know why?

Massage is performed immediately by two languid beauties, working in an exciting, exciting imagination duet. Gliding in the semi-darkness of the room, they drive crazy with skillful touches and movements of flexible, elastic bodies. Beautiful young girls synchronously work out every inch of your body, exciting your most daring desires and erotic fantasies. Immense, cosmic pleasure! At your request, they can also massage each other, while you relax and you get a visual pleasure from the intimate "dance" of two charming beauties. Delicate hands, bewitching body movements and amazing grace of masseuses are guaranteed to dip you into waves of unearthly bliss.
But this erotic action does not end there. We are able to surprise our guests. And so the girls prepared four surprises for you. You can choose one of them, based on your preferences and wishes.

  1. The first surprise is futfetish. Girls massage your body and erogenous zones with their beautiful, elegant legs, dressed in sexy stockings. Such massage is the best choice for the real gourmets.
  2. The second surprise is a pip show. Two slim, flexible, beautiful girls, writhing in a light erotic presentation - a truly fantastic sight!
  3. The third surprise is an easy domination. Of course, you should not be afraid of too cruel and formidable Mistress (which is to say, when there are two!), But a massage with elements of domination and easy play will appeal to lovers of acute and unusual sensations.
  4. And the fourth surprise is the exchange of roles. Girls with pleasure will allow you to touch them during a light massage and massage at this time each other, if you want it.

Choose to your taste and try a fundamentally new sensation, from which it's hard not to lose your head!

We will show you what a real royal life is ... Spend an evening in the company of our beauties, go beyond the limits of what is permitted, give vent to your boldest erotic fantasies. We are ready to do everything to you to receive with what incomparable pleasure and unearthly bliss that you never experienced before ... We are able to give happiness even to the most notorious Egoists ... We are looking forward to seeing you today to go to the heights of pleasure and sweet bliss together , for a long time leaving an exciting, tart aftertaste.